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After-Hour Locations

Northwest Health Occupational Medicine works closely with the urgent cares and emergency rooms for Northwest Health Porter, Northwest Health La Porte, and Northwest Health Starke. See a map of after-hour locations.

Holiday Hours

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Northwest Health Occupational Medicine Forms

Northwest Health Occupational Medicine Authorization Form
Northwest Health Occupation Medicine Patient Registration Form

Links of Interest

Northwest Health Occupational Medicine recommends these links for additional resources:

Department of Transportation, www.dot.gov
Federal Motor Carrier Administration, www.fmcsa.dot.gov
Institute for Health & Productivity Management, www.ihpm.org
OSHA, www.osha.gov
Worker’s Comp Board – State Of Indiana, www.in.gov/wcb
National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, www.cdc.gov/niosh
Indiana Occupational Health and Safety Administration, www.in.gov/dol/iosha.htm
Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, www.cdc.gov
Northwest Health Porter, www.nwhealthporter.com
Northwest Medical Group, www.nwmedicalgroup.com
Northwest Health La Porte, www.nwhealthlaporte.com
Northwest Health Starke, www.nwhealthstarke.com

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