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Work-Related Injury and Illness Care

Occupational injuries can be costly in multiple ways; lost work days, lost productivity, workers compensation pay, and medical expenses. Effective management of these variables has been proven at Northwest Health Occupational Medicine and this translates into direct cost-savings for your company. Return your employees to work quickly and safely with Northwest Health Occupational Medicine.

We offer:

  • Two clinic locations in Valparaiso and La Porte, with x-ray available on-site
  • Comprehensive injury care provided by physicians and advance practice providers who specialize and practice only in occupational medicine
  • Treatment of occupational illness related to environmental hazards/exposures
  • Physical therapy in a clinic setting by therapists and therapy assistants who specialize in the treatment of workplace injuries

Case Management

Case managers at Northwest Health Occupational Medicine are available to all clients to:

  • Assist injured workers in obtaining the medical care that he or she needs.
  • Serve as a liaison between all parties involved in the workers’ compensation claim, including doctors, the injured worker, the employer and the insurance company.
  • Provide information to an insurance adjuster regarding doctors’ visits and treatment authorization.

Our case manager acts as an employee/employer advocate as appropriate. They understand and recognize the importance of providing current and accurate workers’ compensation information and patient progress reports in a timely manner. Above all, our focus is on the recovery process and getting patients back to work quickly.

Occupational health case managers are the ideal professionals to coordinate the client’s health care services from the onset of an injury to a safe return-to-work date.

To learn more about any of these services, contact Northwest Health Occupational Medicine via email or by calling (844) 424-0200.

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